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麻生 太郎 元内閣総理大臣・衆議院議員
Taro ASOU;The former Prime Minister;assembly member of the House of Representatives

石原 宏高
Hirotaka ISIHARA; former assembly member of the House of Representatives

舛添要一 国際政治学者
The international politics scholar
Previous Tokyo Governor

motomura masahiro
代表・宗家 本村雅寛



In 1981, we established WBKL and put our effort to create 21st century Karate by the exchange of Full contact Karate and Traditional Karate. At that time, traditional karate and Kyokushin Karate conflicted intensely. However, we were convinced that the new age Karate will be created by not confrontation and having exchange of experience. The 30 years of our karate activities is a good witness for this reason.
Just now, the WBKL’s championship is an authority in this filed in Japan. WBKL’s championship includes Traditional Karate and Full contact Karate. Participating in different rules game is a serious adventure and the person who learns other styles of Karate is the final winner.
Karate is a Martial art and a Martial artist is not a strong man if he wins the game in his rule, a strong man is a person who wins the game in his opponent’s rule.
In 1960, Muay Thai has been introduced to Japan and so many Karate ka participated in Muay Thai’s championship. They fought with Thai boxers in Muay Thai’s rule and all have been defeated. But, before long, some Karate ka fought in Muay thai’s rule and showed the power of Karate by defeating all Thai boxers. At that time, Karate faced a big technical improvement that they brought for karate.



Most countries accepted such thought, and just now, it’s a popular method. Recently, this thought comes to Japan and we feel deep pleasure as Pioneer.

The shihans of WBKL are from various styles such as Shotokan-Ryu, Goju-ryu,Shito-ryu, JKF, JKA, Okinawa karate, Jujitsu and Kyokushinkai. We are sharing the knowledge and techniques with each other, and it is strong point of our WBKL.


We have developed our activity not commercial but volunteer. We report our activity with the newspaper, Karate’s journal, TV and etc.
?Since 1995, we held WBKL ‘s championship in Tokyo ( Yoyogi Olympic Stadium) that insist on real value of Karate for all over the world.
Our web site has approximately 5,900,00 visitors, per a year, from all over the world, moreover we have mails from them to have mutual cooperation.

furinkazan karate
(Japan karate monthly 7/2008)



Recently, foreign countries came to have a deep interest to the Japanese traditional culture, especially Karate, martial arts and the samurai in there basis.
We would like to response the expectation of Karate lovers who hope to have cooperation with WBKL Karate. WBKL knows no border, race, religion, ideology, sex, politics, economy and etc. Our aim is to bring peace, health, and education for people of the world.

wbkl furinkazan

masahiro motomura

The Symbol of WBKL originates from the family crest ofof Shingen Takeda 武田信玄who was a great general in the 16th century. At that time, Japan faced a period of internal war time. The famous generals were competing to unite the whole country. Shingen Takeda  was a hero of samurai and very popular. He passed about the reunification of Japan. His symbol is called “ Takeda- Bishi” and the origin has two theories. One originated in the design of the plant water caltrop. And, another originated in the Japanese character "" that is “ da” of Takeda. The word "( Fu’Rin’Ka’Zan) is his famous motto that express his combat thought. These four character s are composed of initials of the following four sentences.

   風It acts speedy as wind
   林 It quiets down like the forest
   火It attacks active as fire)
   山It is stable as a mountain.

We arranged these four characters in the "Takeda-bishi" and assumed the symbol of WBKL-Karate.







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